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From this page you will be able to download free PDF files of a number of publications. If you do not have a PDF reader you can download Adobe reader from here click on logo to go to the official site.

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You will be able to download books or access where books are available

You can also now access published videos from the Gallery

Click to download You can download Creativity|WORKS an example of socially engaged work across a wide number of contexts with different content and approaches. It is an example of how creativity works towards bringing into being social sculpture (Joseph Beuys) It is the product that shows creative process at work and was funded by Arts Council England and a partnership of other funders to deliver work of excellence in the field. Andrew Henon headed up this piece of work whilst working with many others and creativity works organisation formerly known as nesa Creativity|WORKS 2009 ISBN 978-0-9557079-3-3 Download size 3.5 MB

Click to download Our Side Of The Story was funded by the DCFS as part of the 21st century literacy programme through Media Box at South West Screen. It is a collection of photographs that were edited and taken by young people. It represents the final product showing selected pieces of work from a vast archive of work produced by ‘at risk’ young people. It gives them a voice that is so frequently ignored or undervalued. This is an example of social sculpture so many changes were observed during the project relating to addressing of social issues and change. Our Side Of The Story 2008 ISBN 978-0-9557079-2-6 Download size 5.8 MB

Click to download Water memories making history was the first publication of the trilogy of work of which creativity works was the last and ‘Our Side of The Story’ the second. Water memories making history was funded by the heritage lottery ‘Young Roots’ initiative. Again conceived designed and delivered by Andrew Henon working with young people and other partners to provide case studies of making and creative processes combined with social sculpture. Water memories making history 2008 ISBN 978-0-9557079-1-9 Download size 8.0 MB

The 'Transformations' nesa project by Karen Macdonald, Mags Macrae and Andrew Henon was developed with the support of Somer Housing Trust. It was a community based project in Keynsham to adress issues of change as 4REEL FILMS residents moved from old housing stock to a rebuild. 2007 ISBN 978-0-9557079-0-2 There are a few hard copies available and they are acompanied by a CD of the same title produced by 4reel Films


Click to download CASCADE was edited by Morag Kiziewicz and Ian Biggs a seminal life changing collection of academic stories from a range of well known and respected people describing various issues encountered and experienced by being ‘dyslexic’ Andrew Henon has written the afterword.  CASCADE Full book download 2007 ISBN 0-86197-137-X Download size 3.4 MB



The Changes: Memory Palette was the second project that Andrew Henon worked on for nesa as a comissioned artist. Andrew worked with Terry Brown a retired miner from the Kilmerston Pit. The project brought together people from the comunity to work with artists to capture memories of the past and re visit the changes taking place. The prject inclded many artists and participants culminating in the book and an exhibition in 2003 and the collection was re shown together with new work from the artists in the art|SPACE in 2007


Order Direct The The Canvas Stretcher was the first poetry collection from Andrew Henon and includes the poems : The Canvas Stretcher, View Point, Year of the red tape, action team ten, participatory change, socrates at work and many more. The collection represents the move from visual art as image and object creation towards spatial social sculpture and working with others to effect change and respond to change. 2000 Monday Studio publications £10 each copy plus postage


Download from the site Visual Spatial Ability and Dyslexia is the collected papers for this research project edited and compiled by Ian Padgett and published by Central St Martins College of Art and Design in 1999. Morag Kiziewicz paper is titled ‘Music and Space, differently able’. Andrew Henon has a number of images included in the paper 1999 ISBN 0-946282-77-2



The 'Dorset Waters' edited by David Caddy and Glynis Thomas is an anthology from members of East Street Poets in Dorset from when Andrew Henon and Morag Kiziewicz were members 1997 - 2000. Poems from Andrew include : Inspiration, Flow Form, Bath Time and Letting go With Grace. Poems from Morag include : The Splash, One More Bridge To Cross, Portland Bill and Water Table. 1997 ISBN 0-9529148-0-8



SCAM Covers When Sherborne Contemporary Arts first began to form in 1995 and exhibit works Simon Barber started a magazine for members to promote the work of in Dorset including musicians, performances, events and exhibitions. The Magazine was called Sherborne Contemporary Arts Magazine (SCAM) Andrew Henon began writing articles for SCAM called 'Clear Stream (Sherborne) Present Day (Contemporary) Life (Art)' from the underlying historical translation of the groups name. These articles will be reproduced and available in the writings section to come. SCAM went on to become THE STICKS then evlovede again into [EVOLVER] magazine


When SCAM evolved into THE STICKS Andrew Henons image 'Little Launceston Winter' was on the 6th edition cover. It is a reproduction of a photograph taken as a tripple exposure on one 35mm frame. With photoshop layers this is a relatively straight forward opperation but in film not so easy. The image was taken with a Manual Pentax K 1000 an industry and student standard at the time. It was work like this that began to explore layers and early palimpsest work. THE STICKS magazine became the current day [EVOLVER] magazine


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